Our teams
Agile teams combining the best of Research

Scientific Advisory Board

Alain Aspect
President of the Naquidis Scientific Advisory Board
Professor at Institut d'Optique Graduate School (Augustin Fresnel chair), in University Paris-Saclay, & at Ecole Polytechnique (Institut Polytechnique de Paris) and Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS
André Luiten
Director of the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS)
Director of the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS), University of Adelaide
Artur Ekert
Professor of Quantum Physics at the Mathematical Institute (University of Oxford ), Professor Fellow at Merton College (Oxford), Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor (University of Singapore), Founding director of the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT)
Christian Picollet
Deputy director of Research & Technology
Deputy director of Research & Technology at Safran
Ernst M. Rasel
Professor at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) and the Leibniz faculty for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research (QUEST).
Jacqueline Bloch
Research director at the C2N Center
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies - CNRS
Nicolas Gisin
Professor of Quantum Information and Communication, University of Geneva
Pascale Nouchi
Managing Director of III-V Lab
Managing Director of III-V Lab, a joint laboratory between THALES, NOKIA and CEA LETI
Philippe Bouyer
Quantum Delta Board member and Director of Research & Technology, Editor in chief of AIP-AVS Quantum Science

Executive Committee

Christophe Salomon
Quantum Sensing Chairman
Research Director emeritus CNRS, laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS, Paris
Eric Mottay
Quantum Supply Chain chairman
H-nu President
Johan Boullet
Quantum Supply Chain CTO
Technical manager, IOGS
Nicolas Aragon
Quantum Communication & Information CTO
Team member of the following submissions to the NIST Post-Quantum Standardization process : BIKE, HQC, ROLLO, and RQC.
Philippe Gaborit
Quantum Communication & Information Chairman
Professor of Computer Science. Head of the CRYPTIS team in the CNRS XLIM laboratory at the University of Limoges
Vincent Ménoret
Quantum Sensing CTO
Head of Quantum Inertial Sensors R&D at Exail Quantum Systems

Teamwork makes the dream job

Alric Meunier
Research engineer
CAD on precision opto-mechanics, laser physics and laser matter interaction, vacuum physics in collaboration with LOMA and Imagine Optics
Arnaud Giabiconi
PhD thesis
Fibre-optic laser sources at short wavelengths for quantum applications
Audrey Durand
Hub Manager Naquidis
Community & Ecosystem Builder | Venture Capital Enabler | Event Producer
Chloé Baisse
PhD thesis
Secure implementations of cryptographic schemes based on error correcting codes in rank metric
Evan Delaunay
PQC engineer
PQC engineer on error correcting codes
Felix Huber
LaBRI - Combinatorics and Algorithms
Gerard Valenti-Rojas
Post Doctoral Researcher
Development of quantum LDPC codes in collaboration with the IMB and Quandela
Katia Verbeke
PhD thesis
Advanced atomic gradiometry in an optical cavity (LP2N - Benjamin Canuel)
Mathieu Klingler
Project Manager
Develops the training platform Houko Formation by Naquidis
Philippe Krejci
PhD thesis
Post-quantum protocols for real world security and privacy
Rezki Becheker
R&D Manager
Romaric Neveu
PhD thesis
Study of square spaces to design a signature protocol
Tigran Mansuryan
Laser Engineer
Nonlinear-optical methods of microscopy, fiber endoscopy, fiber non-linearity, ultrafast optics, femtosecond technologies (Naquidis - Xlim)