Associate Researcher Position Available: Innovative laser source for quantum applications

Location: LP2N – Starlight+, Talence (Bordeaux area, France)

Education: PhD degree

Experience: > 2 y

The Labcom Starlight+ is seeking a highly motivated and talented individual to join the team of Giorgio Santarelli and Adele Hilico, as an Associate Researcher. We are looking for a candidate with a particular interest in the field of innovative laser source for quantum applications.

Who are we?

The Starlight+ lab, a joint initiative between LP2N and Toptica Photonics (formerly Azurlight Systems). This laboratory has been the birthplace of several major advances in laser sources for the quantum applications industry, and the founding partners have ambitious plans for growth and expansion following the implication of Toptica Photonics and the award of several major financed projects.  

We offer

  • A stimulating research and industrial environment with close collaboration with R&D scientists from TOPTICA, as well as ALPHANOV. The LP2N laboratory will also provide an interdisciplinary working atmosphere, as it is hosted in the facilities of the Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, which is also home to Naquidis, the Innovative Centre for Disruptive Quantum Products
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  • Access to the resources and facilities of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School.

Your role

The Research Associate will have the technical lead in a major national project for the development of next generation laser sources for quantum applications in direct collaboration with a world leading quantum computing company (Pasqal).

Required skills:

  • A Ph.D. in applied physics, optics or a related discipline
  • Experimental training in optoelectronics, fiber optics, laser and optics
  • Demonstrated potential for high-quality research.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to teach and mentor undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Recruitment process

If you are a passionate researcher with a strong interest in the field of innovative laser source for quantum applications., we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Please contact Giorgio Santarelli and Adele Hilico.

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