Postdoctoral & PhD positions available

Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Talence (Bordeaux area, France)

A unique environment for quantum technologies, combining cutting-edge academic research and application-oriented industrial R&D and gathering key players in the field:
LP2N: Academic research lab, specialized in novel atom interferometry techniques iXblue: Industrial company, a pioneer in field quantum sensors
iXatom: fully integrated joint research lab between LP2N and iXblue
Naquidis: Innovation center for quantum technologies

Many possible projects, ranging from fundamental physics to field applications:

  • High flux ultracold atom sources for the next generation of quantum sensors
  • Miniaturization of the multi-axis quantum accelerometer using hybrid atom chips
  • Multidimensional atom interferometry towards full quantum inertial navigation units
  • Quantum sensors for Space geodesy
  • Quantum sensors in microgravity and applications to fundamental physics in space
  • Onboard multi-axis quantum accelerometer in strap-down operation

Applications of these projects include fundamental physics, inertial navigation, ground, and onboard gravimetry, space geodesy…


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