Postdoctoral & PhD Positions in cavity/waveguide QED

Reference : NAQ002

Location: LP2N, Talence (Bordeaux area, France)

Education: PhD or Post Doc degree

Experience: > 2 y

The Cold Atom Group at the LP2N laboratory in Bordeaux (France) is looking for a motivated Postdoc and up to 2 PhD students, to fill vacancies on 3 challenging experiments.

Who are we?

We are an experimental group at the Laboratoire Photonique, Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N) in Bordeaux – France. We have several experiments in atom interferometry and cavity/waveguide QED, including a demonstrator for gravitational wave detection, a double species interferometer running on a 0-g simulator, and a BEC setup in a multimode cavity.

We offer

In two setups we are studying crystallization and self-ordering phenomena in systems where the emerging ordered structure has more degrees of freedom with respect to what can be obtained in a stationary wave cavity. The atoms are trapped in a traveling wave cavity, where they interact with several cavity modes, or within the core of a photonic crystal fiber, where they see a continuum of electromagnetic modes. In either case no boundary conditions are imposed to the emerging optical lattice, and the transition from homogeneous to periodic order consists in a crystallization of both light and ultracold atoms breaking a continuous translational symmetry. The scheme would allow the observation of supersolid-like components and quasi-crystals.

In a third setup, ultracold strontium atoms will be used to study novel configurations towards a continuous wave active optical clock, where the stimulated emission of an atomic gain medium is directly employed as the frequency standard. This technique promises to surpass the stability of the best passive clocks.

  • A stimulating research and industrial environment with close collaboration with R&D scientists. The group will also provide an interdisciplinary working atmosphere, through Naquidis Center, the Innovative Center for Disruptive Quantum Products.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Access to the resources and facilities of the University of Bordeaux.
  • A diverse, dynamic, and challenging research environment.
  • Academic connections with world-renowned scientists for collaboration.
  • All necessary resources to carry out high-impact research.

Your role

The projects lie at the interface of « ultracold quantum gases » and « cavity/waveguide quantum electrodynamics ». The ideal candidates should have a solid background in AMO physics, a strong motivation, and proven skills for an experimental physicist (e.g.: optics, lasers, UHV, electronics, spectroscopy, programming). The positions can be filled as a 1y (+1y in option) Postdoc or as a 3y PhD student.

If you are a passionate researcher with a strong interest in the field of « Ultracold Quantum Gases », we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Please contact Andrea Bertoldi and include the following documents:

1. CV (including list of publications and contact information of up to three referees);

2. Motivation letter (with introduction of the applicant, previous research works, and future plans).

Informal inquires are welcome.

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