Signatures: The Expertise of the Cryptis Team (Xlim, Limoges) at the heart of the New NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Round

Post-quantum cryptography is at the forefront of research in computer security, anticipating the era where quantum computers could jeopardize classical encryption systems. Within this rapidly evolving field, Philippe Gaborit and Nicolas Aragon (from the XLIM laboratory in Limoges) are contributing to several submissions proposed in the new NIST standardization round for choosing digital signatures: MIRA, RYDE, and PERK based on the MPC in the Head technique, as well as WAVE, based on error-correcting codes.

The Cryptis team will also be present at the Crypto 2023 conference (Santa Barbara) with their paper titled « Analysis of the security of the PSSI problem and cryptanalysis of the Durandal signature scheme. » This paper provides a new analysis of the resistance of the Durandal signature scheme. Nicolas Aragon and Victor Dyseryn will be in attendance.

Congratulations are also in order for Agathe Cheriere, who, alongside Nicolas Aragon, Tania Richmond, and Benoit Gérard, received the Best Student Paper Award at the ACNS 2023 conference (Kyoto) for their paper « BIKE Key-Recovery: Combining Power Consumption Analysis and Information-Set Decoding. »

The Cryptis team at the XLIM laboratory in Limoges is emerging as a key player in this cryptographic revolution. Their expertise and commitment are tangible evidence of their leading role in securing future communications, safeguarding them from the threats of quantum computers.

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